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This list includes national and international meetings, conferences, educational courses, and seminars of interest to forensic scientists. If you would like to submit a posting, please login to your AAFS Account Portal and Select "My Conference & Training Postings" Please contact Publications ( if you need assistance.

Meeting NameNew Jersey Association of Forensic Scientists Webinar
OrganizationNJAFSStart Date 3/3/2021
Country United States of America End Date 3/3/2021
Meeting Information

Detective X and New Insights on the Trial of the Century:

Forensic Science in The State of New Jersey v. Bruno Richard Hauptmann (1935)

John M. Butler, Ph.D.

NIST Fellow & Special Assistant to the Director for Forensic Science

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Gaithersburg, Maryland

On the dark and stormy night ofMarch 1, 1932, the 20-month-old son of aviator Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped fromhis crib near Hopewell, New Jersey while he slept in his upstairs bedroom. Forensicevidence involved a crude ladder left behind and handwriting on a ransom notedemanding $50,000 for the child’s return. The investi...
Meeting NameBloodstain Pattern Analysis on Textiles with an Introduction to Digital Casework Analysis
OrganizationMiami-Dade Public Safety Training InstituteStart Date 6/7/2021
Country United States of America End Date 6/11/2021
Meeting Information

This is an advanced bloodstain pattern analysis workshop examining the interaction of liquid blood with fabrics,textiles and clothing. Coupled with an introduction to the analysis of bloodstain casework that has been provided in a digital format. Participants must have had a minimum of an introductory level BPA workshop prior to attending this workshop.

Workshop participants will participate in practical exercises to enhance their ability to interpret complex bloodstain patterns deposited on fabrics, textiles and clothing. This will be accomplished by the participant’s dripping, splashing and transferring liquid blood onto fabrics, tex...
Meeting NameIntroductory Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop
OrganizationMiami-Dade Public Safety Training InstituteStart Date 12/6/2021
Country United States of America End Date 12/10/2021
Meeting InformationThis is an introductory level bloodstain pattern analysis workshop.

The workshop objectives are: 1) Teach the investigator how to identify bloodstain pattern evidence at the crime scene. 2) Teach the investigator how to properly document bloodstain pattern evidence. 3) Teach the investigator how to properly preserve the bloodstain pattern evidence. 4) Teach the investigator how to reconstruct bloodstain patterns at the crime scene. 5) Provide the foundation for teaching the investigator how to interpret bloodstain pattern evidence. 6) Teach the investigator the safety and health issues associated with bloodstain pattern evidence.

The wo...
Meeting Name29th Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics
OrganizationISFG (International Society for Forensic Genetics)Start Date 8/29/2022
Country United States of America End Date 9/2/2022
StateDistrict of Columbia
Meeting Information
This congress in dedicated to human and non-human forensic genetics and will be preceded by two days of workshops on Autosomal STR and Mixture Interpretation, Evidence evaluation, Ethics, NGS Panels,  Haplotype Markers, Forensic DNA Phenotyping and other topics. Prominent key note speakers will present in addition to researchers from across the globe presenting their work as talks or posters.
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